Compiled by G. Wikström (UNIGE)

This document contains a collection of the questions and tasks that were pointed out by the working groups during NuFact10. New points that have turned up since then have been added. If you think of more that should to be added please email Gustav Wikström.

Oscillation physics working group (WG I)

From NuFact10

1. Sensitivity and optimization studies.
Please compile from FEASIBLE projects (i.e. eliminate high gamma beta beams from the plots)

1’. Express sensitivities in term of error on parameters

2. Write down a consistent model that gives observable non-standard neutrino interactions.

3. Provide physics motivation of LBL oscillations within wider context of particle physics, beyond a relatively small (compared to the scale of the facility) neutrino aficionados circle.

4. Provide statement on precision that is interesting for measurements of nu_mu->nu_tau and nu_e->nu_tau oscillation measurements. Report on studies of such measurements for superbeam and neutrino factory.

5. More generally explicit what testing universality of 3x3 mixing matri^x means, limits on 4th family neutrino or sterile neutrino

6. Can liquid Argon TPC be used as detector for beta-beam? (mu/pi separation for both signs)

7. Is any LHC physics search or discovery able to shed light on the neutrino paradigm?


Neutrino scattering physics working group (WG II)

From NuFact10

1. The puzzle of CCQE cross-section found by MiniBooNE:

1.1 Disagreement versus NOMAD

1.2 Disagreement CC/NC versus SciBooNE

1.3 Disagreement versus theoretical models

2. Measurements of oscillation signal cross-sections

2.1 Measurement of cross-sections for electron and muon neutrinos with the present generation of near detectors

2.2 What rates can be achieved at a mini-neutrino factory (e.g. Antiproton accumulator at Fermilab etc..) and possible precision measurement of muon- and electron-neutrino cross-sections.

2.3 near detectors for future projects (DUSEL, CERN-LBNO, T2O etc…)
-- can liquid Argon be used as near detector?


Accelerator physics working group (WG III)

From NuFact10

1. Is Project X a suitable proton driver for the Neutrino Factory?
More R&D needed; e.g. stripping injection

2. What is the path for solving the problem of operating high gradient RF is strong magnetic field?
Vigorous experimental program under way

3. Does energy deposition pose SC solenoid shielding problem for presently proposed proton drivers?
Serious problem, engineering solution very challenging

4. Do we have a working Injection/Extraction scheme for NS-FFAG Rings?
Solid concept under study, component modeling

5. Is chromaticity correction sufficient to reduce the TOF problem for NS-FFAG?
Proof-of-principle solution being studied

6. Can Scaling FFAG be used in other-then-ring configurations?
Prototype lattices exist, they are very promising

7. Is there a synergetic path from the Neutrino Factory to MC? A clear path is under study; efficient stages of 6D cooling are essential

8. Target handling for Multi MW targets ?

9. Proposed target systems are many, convergence ?

10. Material property evolution with time (from radiation, strain & stress and temperature)?

11. Will the Beta Beam be possible in the CERN Complex ?

12. Verification of the 18Ne production for beta beams ?

13. Modeling of pion production complete e structures after/around the target (horn, solenoids…)?

15. feasibility of mini-neutrino factory (low energy/intensity storage ring for short baseline measurement of cross-sections)

Muon physics working group (WG IV)

From NuFact10

1. LFV – also in view of new SUSY limits from LHC

2. mu-e conversion: muon colliders?

3. Dipole moments: g-2, EDM

4. mu-eee experiment

5. muon beams à RAL, TRIUMF and PSI suitable/upgradable for new LFV experiment search